Twitter Ads now available in Australia

Twitter Ads now available in Australia

Twitter have just announced that its self-service advertising platform is now open to Australian businesses.

Previously Twitter ads were only available to mega corporations in Australia, or if you were sneaky enough to sign-up as an overseas advertiser with an overseas payment method.

Twitter Advertising Options

The options for Twitter advertising include sponsored tweets, promoted accounts, website clicks or conversions, lead generation, and app install or engagements.

Promoted Tweets Campaigns
If you want to promote a specific post, such as a promotion, then sponsored tweets are the way to go. You can select an existing tweet, or compose a new tweet that will not show in your timeline, but will only be used for promotion.

Followers Campaigns (Promoted Accounts)
If you’re looking to increase your follower count, try the promoted accounts option, which allows you to either target followers of an account you specify (perhaps a competitor) or target by interest category.

App Installs or App Engagement Campaigns
If you’re looking to increase the install base, or engagement with an app, then you’d opt for the app install / engagement option.

Depending on how you’ve setup your account, you may also have access to:

Website Clicks or Conversions
The Website clicks or conversions option is aimed at advertisers who want to send visitors to their websites. You might tweet about a new product, include an image, and a link to the product page on your site.

Leads on Twitter
This option is for collecting email addresses to grow your email list, which you can use to email or target visitors later via remarketing programs.

Analytics, Reporting, and Conversion Tracking

You’ll have access to dashboard with lots of awesome analytical data and reports, including impressions, engagement, locations, platforms, demographics, and interests.

Twitter provide their own conversion tracking tags to help track ROI. These needs to be placed in the appropriate places on your website, such as a thank-you pages a visitor sees after completing a conversion goal, such as purchasing, an inquiry, sign-up etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on Twitter Ads and get that first-mover advantage!

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