Search Engine Optimsation (SEO)

Hi, we’re Resonance Online, an online marketing company that specialises in Search Engine Optimsation.

We delight our clients by consistently delivering results that improve their websites, increase organic search traffic, and in-turn generate more leads and sales.

Do you know who’s at the top of the search results for your most important keywords?
If it’s not you, then someone else is getting that highly prized river of visitors that are actively seeking your product or service.

The fact that you’re here, suggests you realise search engine optimisation is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

The most important decision you’ll make, is who you trust to optimise your site.

Here’s what we won’t do: promise you rankings 1 through 10 on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves!

Our strategy is simple: work harder and smarter than our competitors, using proven practices to improve your website’s visibility for the long term. And we do it using techniques that are 100% in-line with search engine terms of service.

Want to know how? Well, here’s a very basic outline of the SEO process that we employ:

Step 1: Analysis and benchmarking

Before we get our hands dirty we undertake our patented 92 point SEO audit. We also benchmark your existing rankings, link profile, online reputation and organic search engine traffic stats.

Everything is documented for comparison when reviewing progress.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Link profile analysis
  • Analytics analysis
  • Online reputation audit
  • Technical SEO audit

Step 2: Initial optimisation

Next, we work to optimise the usual suspects, including title and meta tags, web content and semantic markup.
We also refer back to our technical SEO audit checklist and resolve any issue that had been identified.

  • Website content optimisation
  • Website architecture optimisation
  • Semantic markup optimisation
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Resolve technical issues

Step 3: Domain authority growth

Then it’s time to improve your domain authority – which is basically a measure of how popular your site is based on how many great websites link to yours. We also review how visible your presence is on other websites, including social media profiles and local business listings.

  • Social media profile optimisation
  • Local business profile optimisation
  • Online reputation monitoring
  • Reviews and ratings
  • PR and media mentions
  • Content marketing

Step 4: Review

Regular reviews ensure progress is being made towards goals, and helps define new goals.

  • Monthly & quarterly reports
  • Goal progress reviews
  • New goal planning
  • Strategy meetings

If you’ve never worked with a great SEO company before, you may be surprised at how much work is required to get results.

But, the results we’ve achieved for our clients always result in a positive return on investment.

Why partner with Resonance?

We care.
We build mutually beneficial, long-term business partnerships.
Many SEO agencies employ a churn and burn policy. We think that stinks.
Our reputation is on the line, and we like our reputation.

We don’t overbook
Because one account manager cannot effectively manage two dozen accounts.

We don’t promise the world
Because we have limited control on delivering it.
We might consider a small country though, how about Monaco?

We don’t do SEO packages
There is no one size fits all soltuion.
Every business is unique.

We do deliver results, consistently
Because we’re dedicated on improving your website, and its authority online.
We do work that matters, now and in the long run.

We are transparent
Everything we do is communicated to you. Making sure you understand what is happening is important.
Our reports aren’t just numbers and graphs, they are stories, chronicling the work completed and its effect.

We don’t employ any salespeople
We get most of our work through word of mouth and recommendations.

Ready to talk tactics?

Simply call 1300 850 779 or email us to start a discussion about your unique situation.
We’ll tailor a custom strategy considering your goals, time frame and budget.

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