Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a digital strategy brings order to the chaos that is most organisation’s approach to digital.

In our experience companies often approach the web at a tactical level, making decisions on the fly in response to the latest new technology or business demand.

By forming a digital strategy you have an opportunity to establish a firm direction for your online experience, rather than being the victim of trends or whims.

A trap many businesses find themselves in is thinking they only need SEO, or any one aspect of online marketing to be successful.

In reality, success is rarely achieved by optimising just one marketing channel.

Most successful organisations utilise and optimise multiple online marketing channels. When you have multiple channels growing traffic, leads and sales, you are not at the mercy of a Google algorithm update, or social media platform trends.

Our process for forming digital strategies: We start with the end in mind.

  • What are the organisation’s objectives?
  • What are the macro and micro level goals that will be used to measure progress towards these objectives?

We undertake a complete situation analysis including current online marketing activities, strengths and weaknesses, target audience, brand positioning, competitive landscape, and review existing digital assets.

Armed with this intel we consider which channels will have the biggest impact, and form strategy, tactics and measurements for each channel.

The end result is a complete digital strategy detailing the that lays out a straightforward plan for success.

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