New Adwords Extension: Call-Outs

New Adwords Extension: Call-Outs

Good news Adwords Advertisers; if your ads are in the top (or bottom of page) positions you can now get even more real estate for your advertisement – with a new ad extension, the ‘call-out.’

What is a call-out extension?

Call-outs give you the ability to highlight benefits or features of your product / service using up to 25 characters, and you can have up to four call-outs display at once.

Basically, it’s similar to the old sitelink extension, minus the link.

Here’s an example:

Adwords Call-out ad extension

Like most ad extensions, you can define specific call-outs per campaign / ad group, schedule call-outs, and define device preference. And, similar to sitelinks, you can review performance reports to see what impact call-outs have on ad performance.

Call-outs started rolling out in September, so are still very new. Make sure you jump on them and get first mover advantage!


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