Do Big Brands Need SEO?

A lot of people ask me whether they need SEO for their website or online business. I say yes in 99% of cases, because no matter what your business, if you want visibility then it’s simple; you need to optimise your site, and then market it as much as you can.

Harvey Norman No NoEven big businesses that are household names need SEO. For branding? Not always, but it does have it’s place. Take electronics and furniture giant, Harvey Norman. They do great deals for items, but they depend mostly on newspaper advertising and television. Google “LCD screen TV Perth” and what happens? They are on page 2, way past TV antenna repairmen and their biggest competitor, JB HIFI. Page one, position one is Kambos, followed by JB, and then a melange of repair centres.

Clearly, someone forgot to tell Harvey that online research is what drives offline retail sales. The powers that be might feel warm and fuzzy that once people click over to page two, their brand name will make the penny drop, but I’ve got bad news for you; JB HIFI is also a big brand name and I reckon the buck will stop there. Sorry for all the analogies.

P.S. That one percent I excluded from my rule are people that already create their own buzz with online and offline publicity – that’s a different game!

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Rebecca has worked in marketing for 6 years and in online marketing and copy-writing for the last 3. Some of her likes include: Spelling tests, burgers, the dentist and watching the look on people's faces when she reveals her weird dentist fetish.

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