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Q. Is SEO magic?


Er, no. It’s actually a simple process, but it requires work and patience. It has the potential to outperform traditional marketing concepts with careful monitoring.

Q. Can I SEO my own site?


Absolutely! All you need to do is learn how to perform your keyword research (hint: It’s not just choosing words that you *think* or *want* to rank for), analyse and clean up the copy on your site, learn how to interpret Analytics data, have a link building database, work out a social strategy and do daily link building. Whew.

We’re guessing your time is valuable, and you and your staff should do what they are best at, selling your products! Leave this stuff to us.

Q. How much does it cost?


This really does depend on your industry and goals. However, we do have some package options, which are customisable. See our popular packages here:

Q. How long will it take?


To set everything up, once we have all the details we need from you, can take as little as a week. We do ask for your approval before we make any changes to your site, or settle on a set of keywords. Link building and other online marketing is ongoing.

Q. When will I see results?


This is a great unknown, until we get to do some research on your industry. Remember that we can’t guarantee a certain ranking (NO ONE can), but we can say that many of our clients enjoy increased rankings and traffic within two months.

Q. What is SEO anyway??


Search Engine Optimisation is a process that is performed on and off-page (that is, on your website itself, and elsewhere online) to assist the reputation of your website and brand. The more presence you have online, and the easier it is for customers to find you means that you will be in a position to secure more and better leads.
SEO is a long term strategy, which works in line with your ongoing marketing efforts. Which means, it will work better for you if you are engaging in other forms of marketing. It’s synergy.

Q. What can’t SEO do?


SEO cannot sell for you. We cannot stress this enough. As SEO is a technical and creative process, the aim is to increase visitors and leads to your site, increase reputation for your business, and increase the online properties that refer to your business and brand. Once the leads have increased, the sales process and retention program begins with your team. SEO works in conjunction with a great marketing plan.

It works in the same way a brochure ad will draw people to your shop, but your sales people and quality of service are what makes the person buy.